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COVID-19 Policies for Extravaganza

As of March, 2021

1. Masks will be required for all spectators in buildings and/or bleachers in outside venues. As of now, this still includes people with or without a vaccination.


2. Social Distancing is still expected in all venues.


3. Athletes will not be required to wear masks during competition but are encourage to do so while on the bench or sidelines.


4. Musicians MAY BE performing to Judges who are on Zoom.


5. Judges and/or spectators must be 20 feet away from musical performers who are not wearing masks.


6. All rooms on campus have already been designated with a capacity and there will be now allowance for overcrowding.


7. Meal service will function in a similar way as they have all semester. We've had a VERY limited number of cases this semester on campus.


8. Any and all of these restrictions could change depending on the current status in OKC.